Certina Biostar

Instead of vintage advertising, this time I’ve updated the database with a new model: The Biostar was the first and (as far as I know) only wristwatch from which you can read your biorhythm.

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Gallery Update

Axel from the german Watchtime forum has made some great Certina pictures once again. Here they are.

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Mail from Japan

With a heroic action, Tako from the Watchtime-Forum has auctioned this japanese brochure of the mid-sixties for me. Therein, among others the DS Diver Ref. 5801 113 is displayed. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

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New Brochures

Frank Schubert has sent me scans of some brochures. Many thanks for that!

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More Advertising

In addition to minor updates, I have expanded the advertising and brochures section. Have fun!

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New Year with model update

I wish all my visitors a happy new year! At the beginning of the year there’s a new model in the database: The Quattro by Certina Audi Design.

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Blog entry and Updates

Meanwhile numerous small updates are made. Furthermore vintagecertinas get an entry in Roger Rüeggers famous Blog “Dive (Into) Watches”!

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vintagecertinas.ch is online!

Finally, it is done. The Internet Compendium for Certina Collectors is now available.

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