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When I started to collect vintage Certina watches, I wanted to learn more about these wonderful time-pieces. So I searched the net and found ... nothing! In various forums I found posts from other people that wanted to know more about their sweeties and their cries for help faded away in the wide of the World Wide Web too. Now you need to know that in the wake of the quartz crisis and the subsequent demise of some brands a lot of information and material got lost. The same applies to Certina.

So I started to collect the scattered and scanty information available. The result is published here since 2008. This page is not intended to be a complete reference for all vintage Certina models. I specifically focus on models from the sixties and seventies that I think are worth mentioning. The focus is on mechanical watches. Nevertheless, I will try to update the site with other models and information over time. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and I cannot guarantee for the correctness of the provided data. This is a private website and in no way affiliated with Certina S.A.

My thanks for providing me with informations and pictures go to Reto Marxer, Mrs. Brigitt Illi from Certina, Axel66, jeannie, Terri und 660feet from the Watchtime-Forum, to Nalu, Snogge und Sulaco from the Watchuseek Dive Watch Forum, to MSX from the forum Orologi & Passioni, to Roger Ruegger, Roland Ranfft, Gerhard Standop, Martin Lovasz and furthermore all other helpers.

Well, I hope you enjoy your reading.

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