Eye catchers


Here are some photos which I believe show the beauty of these watches very well. I took the photos in the first section. In the second section, you can see some beautiful pictures I found on the internet and I wanted to show here as well.

Pictures are used courtesy of the photographers. Many thanks to them!

Do you have a picture which belongs in this gallery? Contact me!

Argonaut Chrono mit Valjoux 236
Chronolympic Duoe
DS-2 Chronolympic mit Valjoux 23
DS-2 Trio
DS-2 Certiday und Certidate
DS-3 von 1976
DS-2 Super PH1000M
Taucher Duo
Chronolympic mit Valjoux 7750
Taucher Trio
DS-2 mal anders
DS-2 PH200M
Chronolympic mit Valjoux 726
Chronolympic DS Quartz
DS Taucheruhr
PH100M Quartz
Chronolympic 'Regatta' mit Valjoux 728
Biostar Electronic
Diamaster mit Tigeraugen-Zifferblatt
Quattro by Audi Design
Ein Haufen mit Certina Divers
Die zwei Tiefseetaucher zusammen
Chronolympic mit Valjoux 726
Ein Paar Certina Chronometer
Argonaut Tacherchrono mit Valjoux 23
Certina 288 mit 25-671
Certina 288 mit 25-681
Certina Argonaut Chrono Duo
Certina DS-2 PH200M
Certina with subsidiary second in Rosegold
Certina DS-2 Super PH500M which was worn during Tektite I & II by Ian G. Koblick
Diamaster with tigereye dial
Certina Golden Armour

DS-2 Automatik Duo © jeannie/Watchtime Forum
DS-2 Handaufzug © Axel66/Watchtime Forum
Waterking © Axel66/Watchtime Forum
DS-2 PH200M © newsman/Watchtime Forum
Chronolympic mit Valjoux 726 © MSX/forum orologi & passioni
Argonaut 285 Automatic mit 919-1 © Axel66/Watchtime Forum
DS-2 Certronic mit Stimmgabelwerk 29-152 © vegaban/
DS-2 Certronic mit Stimmgabelwerk 29-152 © vegaban/
Chronolympic 'Regatta' mit Valjoux 728 © Quadrilette172/Watchtime Forum
Club 2000 Automatic mit 25-011 © Axel66/Watchtime Forum
Blue Ribbon Automatic mit 25-65 © Axel66/Watchtime Forum
DS-3 Super PH1000m RAN Version (Royal Australian Navy) © Nalu/TZ-UK
Seltene Zifferblattvariante einer Super PH500m © Dan
Hübscher Haufen mit drei Vintage DS Taucheruhren © vegaban/
Auch ein schöner Rücken kann entzücken! © vegaban/
DS-2 PH200M mit Certina Kamera © Quadrilette172/Watchtime Forum
DS-2 © Andi Keller
Certina Quattro by Audi Design © Tiga/Watchtime Forum
Certina DS-2 Chronolympic ©
Certina DS-2 Super PH1000M © Retina/
Certina DS-2 Chronolympic © Stumpy/Uhrforum
Certina DS-2 Chronolympic © Stumpy/Uhrforum
Certina DS-2 Super PH1000m © earlgrey-erfurt/Watchtimeforum
Certina DS-2 Super PH1000m and DS-2 Super PH500m © Roger Rüegger
Trio with three Certina DS diver © Eric Lechner
Chronolympic with Valjoux 726 ©

Update: 04.07.2017